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Language Based Workforce Development

Tailored language instruction for your non-native employees, fostering a more inclusive and globally-minded workforce.


Elevate Communication, Empower Success!


Conversation Skills

Mastering conversational ability is crucial as it bridges the gap between simply knowing the language and using it to communicate thoughts, emotions, and ideas in real-life situations.

Through targeted feedback and guidance from bilingual instructors, learners gain valuable insights into language nuances and communication strategies, which empower them to express themselves confidently in various professional settings. Learners are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and ultimately grow in their language proficiency.

Our Conversational English Mastery Course boosts confidence and effectiveness in professional interactions, thereby facilitating success in diverse work environments.


Pronunciation Skills

Poor pronunciation among non-native English speakers lead to misunderstandings, decreased productivity, and even a negative perception of the business.


Our Language Based Professional Development addresses these issues directly with targeted instruction, pronunciation refinement and real-time language coaching to foster clear communication.  The result is enhanced teamwork, collaboration and a sense of community.



Non-native English speakers face challenges in the workplace due to language barriers, which hinder effective communication and collaboration. Confidence is essential for overcoming these obstacles, as it empowers individuals to express themselves clearly and engage confidently in professional discussions.

Our Conversational English Mastery Course provides tailored instruction to enhance language proficiency. Learners delve into practical language usage and authentic conversational scenarios aimed at enhancing their ability to communicate effectively in English.




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The workforce landscape is changing rapidly, with a significant increase in Spanish speakers. Developing English language skills is essential to fully capitalize on this shift and ensure sustainable growth.

Welcome Next 2 Native Language Learning! Our bilingual, certified language trainers possess a deep understanding of both the target language and the learners' native language, allowing them to effectively address linguistic challenges and provide relevant explanations tailored to the learners' specific needs. 
As the CEO of Next 2 Native Language Learning, Monique Lewis, is a luminary in the realm of language acquisition, wielding expertise in conversation and pronunciation.  Renowned for her dynamic teaching style, she orchestrates innovative approaches to language education, reshaping how learners engage with linguistic mastery. 
"Having embarked on my own language journey over 20 years ago, mastering Spanish taught me invaluable lessons about the path to confident and fluent communication in a second language.

At Next 2 Native Language Learning, I've merged my personal language learning journey with professional ESL training to craft a unique Conversation Course designed to propel individuals and employees to the NEXT LEVEL!"
Whether you aspire to enhance your conversation skills, perfect your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, or sharpen your listening comprehension, our comprehensive program is tailored to meet your needs.

Our mission is simple: to EMPOWER SPANISH-SPEAKING INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANIES WITH SPANISH-SPEAKING EMPLOYEES, helping them to express themselves confidently and fluently in English. 
With Next 2 Native Language Learning, you'll embark on a transformative language learning experience that prioritizes your growth and success.

Join us today and embark on a journey to linguistic mastery with Next 2 Native Language Learning—we can't wait to guide you every step of the way!

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Tailored Curriculum

We create Custom Course Content for the way your business works!  Our customized approach meets your specific needs and goals ensuring relevance and effectiveness.    

Retain your
Top Talent

Offering language learning as an employee benefit helps retain talent by empowering employees to develop new skills, fostering a culture of growth within the company.


We offer flexible scheduling and delivery options, including in-person and online training, to accommodate the busy schedules of your workforce.


How we work

Our hybrid approach to learning offers the perfect blend of live instruction and guided independent study through our innovative digital program. Students benefit from interactive sessions with experienced, bilingual instructors, where they can engage in real-time discussions, receive immediate feedback, and practice speaking skills in a supportive environment. Simultaneously, our digital platform empowers learners to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, with access to a wealth of  resources, interactive exercises, and self-assessment tools. This combination allows for flexibility in learning, catering to different learning styles and schedules, while ensuring a comprehensive and effective language learning experience.


Your questions, answered

  • How do Next 2 Native Language courses work?
    We offer hybrid language courses focused on conversational mastery. Learners meet with instructors live weekly and also have unlimited access to our digital language program for guided, independent practice!
  • What is the cost?
    Prices for language instruction services are tailored to the unique needs of each business, taking into account the language skills of their employees and the desired timeline for achieving proficiency.
  • Do you also teach Spanish?
    Yes! We also offer Spanish language instruction as part of our comprehensive language learning services.
  • What platform do you use for online language training?
    We meet conveniently on Zoom.
  • How do you test progress?
    We administer pre-tests, mid-course assessments, and post-testing evaluations to track progress, while also offering monthly updates and attendance reports to companies for all employees enrolled in our language programs.
  • Do I or my company have to be in the US to take your courses?
    Our company serves businesses and individuals worldwide through our virtual hybrid courses. The LIVE portion is done with Zoom and our digital program is web-based ensuring accessibility and flexibility across the globe.
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Introducing our Self-Guided Course!
English Pronunciation: Speak and Be Understood

This innovative six-week self-guided course is designed to hone your pronunciation skills with precision and clarity. Tailored for learners of all levels, this course will help you master the nuances of English pronunciation at your own pace. Whether you're a non-native speaker striving for fluency or a proficient speaker seeking refinement, this course provides the tools and strategies needed to articulate with confidence and be understood in any context.


Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the power of clear and effective communication in English!

Work-Life Balance

Employees take control of their learning journey with a self-paced module that fit seamlessly into their busy schedule, allowing them to balance work and personal commitments.

Professional Development

Employees gain valuable pronunciation skills in English that enhance their understandability and broaden their in-house career development.

Cost-Effective Learning

Employees access high-quality language instruction without the expense and inconvenience of traditional classroom-based courses.

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